The Game Begins

At the beginning of the game, we see both robots face to face in the Arena. The game is turn-based.

How it is played

Player presses the ‘’Roll’ button each time it is her turn and a random square is chosen on the grid*. The special powers of the robots are determined according to the color of the square, and the damage they do is determined by the number on the square. If the colors of the player’s robot are the same with the colors of the selected square, the robot deals damage to the opposite side.
The player can increase the damage of her next hit by using the features (Buff) of her robot based on the robot’s level, she can choose to strengthen the defenses of her robot or manipulate the color and number distribution on the grid to her advantage.
The game continues being played turn-based until one of the two robots has zero health, the surviving robot wins the fight.
*The fairness of this random selection made by the server can be confirmed by the user via checking the ‘’Provably Fair’’ system.